Outdoor irrigation


A permanently installed sprinkler system for your riding arena avoids dust formation, improves the elasticity and slip resistance of the floor and extends the service life of the footing, just to name a few reasons to water your riding arena regularly. The planning of such a sprinkler system is based on the individual nature of your riding arena.

Advantages of bowe riding arena irrigation:

  • sure-footedness is guaranteed even in hot and dry weather
  • dust binding takes place quickly and reliably
  • the footing becomes more hard-wearing, grippy and durable through regular sprinkling
  • reduced water consumption through resource efficiency of the sprinkler system
  • significantly reduced time expenditure thanks to the automatic and timer-capable system

If you are interested in automatic irrigation for your outdoor space, please arrange an on-site appointment with us and we will advise you according to your individual wishes. From assembly to maintenance and fast spare parts supply, we are always at your disposal.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Permanently installed gear sprinklers (sprinklers) are sunk flush with the track or, depending on the possibility, mounted on a fence or similar. An optimal arrangement of the sprinklers ensures that the irrigation is as uniform as possible.

Sprinkler Irrigation Features:

  • complete irrigation (20x40m) in 30 minutes
  • electronic control with a timer
  • simple and efficient system
  • individual control of the sprinklers

Installation requirements:

Riding arenas up to 30m width

  • water connection 1¼”
  • minimum flow pressure 3.5 bar
  • water flow rate 4-6 m³/h
  • water consumption approx. 60-100 l/min
  • connection voltage 230 V~

Riding arenas above 30m width

  • water connection 1½”
  • minimum flow pressure 6 bar
  • water flow rate 12-15 m³/h
  • water consumption approx. 200-300 l/min
  • connection voltage 230 V~


Eine weitere und damit auch eine weitaus kostengünstigere Variante der Reitplatzberegnung besteht darin, Getrieberegner auf extra dafür angefertigte Halterungen auf dem Reitplatz zu positionieren und durch umsetzen dieser Regner, die gesamte Reitläche Stück für Stück zu beregnen.

Es geht auch einfach!

Für einen 20×40m Reitplatz würden 2 Aufstell-Regner ausreichen (einmal umstellen). Diese Beregnung ist bei weitem nicht so komfortabel, ist aber im Vergleich zur Beregnung mit einem Schlauch immer noch sehr viel gleichmäßiger.


  • Wasseranschluß ¾“
  • Mindestfließdruck 2 bar
  • Wasserflußmenge 2 m³/h