Indoor Arena Irrigation

Rainmaker Premium

The tedious labor of manual watering is finally over. Not only do you save time, you also take care of your riding surface in the long term and invest in your own and the health of your horses.

Advantages of a bowe sprinkler system:

  • timed, automatic irrigation
  • increased durability of the riding surface
  • improved elasticity of the footing
  • Avoidance of dust formation
  • Improvement of the hall climate
  • modern emptying system
  • automatic emptying when at risk of frost

The requirements of your riding arena are decisive for which system is most suitable. Of course, visual and financial aspects also play a role. Find out more about our irrigation systems for indoor riding arenas here and contact us for personal consulting on-site.

Rainmaker Comfort

Here, the irrigation takes place via a spray cross, which is also driven by an electric locomotive on a rail from gable to gable. Due to the separate control of the 6 nozzles on the spray cross, the irrigation can be divided into many individual areas. This is especially advantageous for riding halls with different drying of the footing. Due to the rather small spray cross, this system certainly has optical advantages.

Due to our special nozzles we achieve a very good uniformity from the center to the outer hoof beat.

Features of the Rainmaker Comfort:

  • Spraying cross with 5 division areas
  • Powerful 400V motor
  • Various irrigation programs
  • Water and control line in energy guiding chain
  • Reliable and durable
  • Extremely powerful
  • Extra hoofbeat nozzles
  • Sturdy design

Installation requirements:

  • water connection 1¼“
  • Minimum flow pressure 3,5 bar
  • water flow rate 6 m³/h
  • water consumption approx. 100 l/min
  • Connection voltage 230 V~

Rainmaker Premium

A rail is mounted under the roof ridge of the riding hall, on which an electric locomotive, driven by a powerful three-phase motor (400V), drives a spray-beam from gable to gable.

Features of the Rainmaker Premium:

  • Spray-beam with sectional division
  • individually adaptable irrigation programs
  • optimized water distribution
  • consideration of uneven drying caused by light and wind
  • water and control line in cable carrier
  • reliable and durable
  • particularly suitable for hall widths of more than 30m

Installation requirements:

  • water connection 1″
  • Minimum flow pressure 3 bar
  • water flow rate 4 m³/h
  • water consumption approx. 60 l/min
  • Connection voltage 230 V~

Nozzle Irrigation

As an established sprinkler system, easy to use and clear in concept and technology, the jet-pipe system enjoys great popularity. It’s made up of strands of nozzles that run lengthwise to the riding arena. The dust in the air is bound by the fine mist and the riding arena is moistened. In the hot summer months, there is also a pleasant and refreshing coolness. Since there is little or no dripping, the indoor riding arena can be used again immediately.

Nozzle Irrigation Features:

  • electronic control with a timer
  • simple, established system
  • Individual control of the jet-pipes

Installation requirements:

  • water connection 1¼”
  • minimum flow pressure 3.5 bar
  • water flow rate 4 m³/h
  • water consumption approx. 60 l/min
  • connection voltage 230 V~